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In the unfortunate event that you lose your belongings, you don’t want your insurance to be invalid.

Over 975 properties were burglarized every day in 2019/20 in England and Wales.

You cannot become a statistic if you do not understand the danger and will not take active measures to protect yourself and your home.

You can protect your home by using our home security tips.

The CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner team has more than nine years of experience in deterring burglars. CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner cover most of the major cities in England so you are sure to find a knowledgeable and reliable locksmith who can give you expert advice and install the right locks for your needs.

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  • Our locking systems are suitable for wooden, PVCu, composite, and metal doors.

For replacement locks or security upgrades, our friendly locksmiths offer assistance.

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Common locks explained

The following is a list of some of the most frequently used locks, and a brief description of each lock. Any of the security devices below, plus many more, can be delivered and fitted by CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner.

Locks for Wooden Doors.

Doors made of wood are the most adaptable because you can install different kinds of locks on them. A wooden door is normally locked using a night latch or a five-lever mortice deadlock.

Night latches as well as rim deadlocks.

There is a night latch on the inside of the door, while the cylinder is outside. In the door jamb, the latch retracts back into the strike plate.

Even though a night latch isn’t as secure as an actual mortise lock, it still ensures that the door is shut tightly, and it can be used in tandem with another lock for added security.

Generally speaking, the deadlock with a cylinder placed in the handle of the handle is considered safer than the rim deadlatch.

Mortice locks.

They are locks that fit into a door’s thickness. Mortice locks get their name because they fit into slots cut into the edge of a door, as a mortise and tenon joint would be.

A mortice lock locks into the frame of the door, and a sash lock has both a bolt and latch. Mortice locks with 3 or 5 levers.

The amount of levers inside a lock used to work the mechanism refers to the number of levers there are. There are more secure levers than 3 levers because they are harder to pick.

So if you require a replacement lock or a security upgrade, our friendly locksmiths can help. You need to choose one that is BS3621. The locks for PVCu, composite and aluminum doors are available in a variety of finishes.

Multi-point locking system.

This lock has 3,4 or 5 bolts that penetrate the door frame. The door is locked with Euro cylinders set into the face.

Wooden doors can be locked using multi-point locks. It must be Diamond Approved TS0073 or SS312.

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A local CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner is always nearby if you need one. We only work with locksmiths who have been criminal background checked and trained to the highest professional standards.

Furthermore, they are updated on the latest in lock technology regularly. Because we provide excellent results to customers, many of our jobs come from personal recommendation.


All our products come with a six-month warranty and a service check if needed. Our after-sales service is also exceptional.

If you have any problems after the warranty period has expired, please let us know.

How you answer this question depends on how big the door is and where it is located in the building.

For doors of any type, however, it is always better to have locks that engage at more than one point.

On the whole, though, it is better to use a lock with more than one point of engagement to secure any kind of door.

If you have a PVCu, composite or metal door, you need a Diamond Approved or TS0073 lock.

Generally speaking, there are no ‘insurance recommended’ locks. It is imperative that you look at your policy schedule and install the specified locks.

A certificate of insurance is likely to require the insurer to know what locks you have. It is possible to consider the following locks to be standard external door locks.

The five-lever mortice deadlocks are ideal for doors that should operate in accordance with British Standard 3621. Alternatively, there is the multi-point locking system for your PVC, composite or wooden door or the rim automatic deadlatch with key lock.

The outer keyhole of a single-cylinder lock is only used to open the locker, and the inside knob is used to unlock the door. Double cylinder locks have outer and interior keyholes, and they have no thumb latch.

The double cylinder lock can be safer if it is installed in a glass panel door because a burglar could break the glass and turn the inside latch knob.

CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner are available all day, all week, & promise to get to you within the hour.