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Our robust, rigorously tested fire-resistant safes are designed to protect their contents in the event of a fire.

Most safes are rated based on the number of minutes the safe can withstand fire. A fireproof safe usually comes with the option to protect for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

What you store inside the safe should determine the level of protection it requires.

Computer media, for instance, will degrade at 125 degrees, while paper products can withstand temperatures as high as 350 degrees.

Storage Advice

Don’t judge a safe by its outer dimensions because the interior volume is a true reflection of its quality.

Make sure the safe storage capacity matches the size of the items you wish to protect. It is crucial that the cash rating of the safety deposit box exceeds the value of the money or property it contains.

The cash value of jewelry and other valuable assets may be up to ten times the value of the assets, but confirm this once again with one of our security experts.

Several safes aren’t watertight, so they’re prone to flooding or fire hoses. Please place all the contents in either zip lock or dry bags in case an unfortunate occurrence occurs.

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You should cover your fire safe from 60 minutes upwards depending on the fire rating.

A fire safe with a fire resistance level of less than one hour would not be sufficient to protect both paper and money.

It would depend on your type of property, however, one of the safest places to install is at the corner where two outside walls meet.

For a heavy safe, this provides the most support and protection.