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Our key holding services

In this way, we help you to save time and money while ensuring the security of your keyholders.

You can feel absolutely secure in the knowledge that your facilities and, more importantly, your people are protected with our highly experienced team on your side.

Security and peace of mind 24/7

Employees can be made keyholders, but that is a huge responsibility and can strain their personal lives.

Keeping keys safe for 24/7 prevents staff from being put in danger.

A custom-designed plan for your premises can be prepared for you including a full site survey and a series of agreed steps to take in an emergency.

Therefore, you can rest assured that out-of-hours call-outs are handled by someone who has dealt with similar situations before.

Supervised key holding services

For those who prefer to keep their own keys but have somebody accompany them when attending to alarm situations, that is also possible.

Our security officers are well trained to respond to call outs, and we will meet you on site or coordinate with your keyholder.

An external and internal security check will be carried out to ensure the premises are secure.

Our key holding promise:

  • Security staff that is fully trained and licensed.
  • When an alarm is activated, we respond as soon as humanly possible.
  • You can ask us to arrange repairs if you need them.
  • Respond to your processes and procedures according to your policies.
  • Please notify me of each incident as accurately as possible.
  • You benefit from lower liability claims when serious incidents occur.

There is no need to risk the safety of your employees or to inconvenience them. The proper care needs to be exercised under Health and Safety Executive regulations.

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