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It is possible that you noticed one of these problems:
  • Perhaps call a nearby garage? This will probably be pricey, and the garage may not even have the right equipment to do the job!
  • The key cannot be turned in the lock.
  • The handle seems loose.
  • It won’t lock if pulled up.
  • In order to engage the lock, you have to pull the handle up with a lot of force.

You may observe a drooping door handle, a key that refuses to turn or a faulty lock, for example; the door may have dropped accordingly.

The multi-point lock.

You have a multi-point lock on your PVCu or composite door. These locks are most commonly used on multi-point doors.

It has several points of locking along the length of the door, making it more secure than a single-point lock.

Multi-point locks usually have a deadbolt or latch in the middle of the door, and pins, mushroom cams, and roller cams above and below it. When you pull up the handle, they are engaged by a gearbox.

Depending on whether it is a solid spindle or a split spindle, the handle of your multi-point lock will operate the locking system in one of several ways. The solid spindle allows you to unlock a locked door by simply pushing the handle down from the inside or the outside.

To get around the split spindle, you will need a key even when unlocked. The other system involves just turning the key a number of times without using the handle.

A wide range of different locks exist, and they come with different distances between parts of the lock as well as different mechanisms for opening the door. So in order to identify the right replacement lock, you need to know both the make and the measurements of the existing lock.

Because we stock such a large array of these types of locks we are able to quickly identify the correct replacement lock which will work on your door and carry out the installation.

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Despite the fact that every locksmith at our company has years of experience in replacing multi-locks, and is DBS checked for your security, we are always committed to providing the best level of service possible.

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For all products, we offer a six-month guarantee and, if necessary, a service check.

Even though the warranty period has ended, you can still talk to us if there are any issues.