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Ford fixed this, but thieves continue to try cutting the loom to open the doors.

Installing a CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner LoomGuard on your Ford van makes your van impervious to this attack type.

An Armaplate protects the door lock and handles of a van with a stainless steel plate. The screwdriver cannot be used to gain access to the lock by punching through the bodywork of the van.

A permanent repair can also be achieved with Armaplate if the van has previously been damaged by a break-in.

We can also install ProtektaPlate and ProPlate on your van locks so that thieves can’t gain access.

In addition, using the HandleGuard lock, thieves cannot gain access to the side door release handle of a van.

This is a high-grade lock that covers the entire van door. It requires a high-security dimple key to open.

Strong and resisting attacks by hammers, screwdrivers, jewelers and disc saws. This lock is available in a deadlock or a slam lock.

Those are locks activated when the door of the van is closed. Stainless steel SlamHandles are available for replacement on your existing van handles.

These are anti-drill and anti-pick, and they are available as slam locks. Professional locksmiths qualified and licensed. CR4 Locksmith Beddington Corner are not only highly qualified, professional and trustworthy, but also DBS-checked.

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